Yet already well established during the Hexagon Cup, Tamara Icardo and Alejandra Salazar were forced to play three sets for their debut at Riyadh. A situation they certainly didn't expect.

After winning the first round quite easily against Martinez (45) / Ruiz Soto (44), the 4th seed of the Premier Padel Riyadh P1 came through completely during the second act. A set won 6/2 by the outsiders who began to believe in this first major tournament of the season.

But unfortunately for them, the Spanish were able to quickly recover and move up a gear. Icardo and Salazar won 6/3 2/6 6/1 in almost two hours and qualified for the rest of the events. They will meet in the next round the winners of the match currently opposing Caldera / Nogueira to Barrera / Caparros.

To follow the matches in Saudi Arabia this Monday:

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