This is one of the great new features of competition rules padel 2024. Clubs are now free to choose the prize money they want, in P1000 and P1500. Obviously, the minimum required remains 1000 and 1500€. But if clubs decide to double or even triple the prize money, they now have the right.

Until now, P500, P1000 and P1500 followed simple rules. The number of points won by the winner of the tournament corresponded in some way to the overall prize money of the competition. In short, if the winners won 500 points at the end of the tournament, €500 was distributed from the semi-finalists to the winners.

Now this logic has changed. First of all, clubs are no longer required to have a financial allocation of P500. Prize money is no longer compulsory in this category. On the other hand, in P1000 and P1500, the clubs are now free to give more.

Le Padel Reunion Club had also planned a P1000 with a prize money of €6000. Unfortunately the Reunion League did not validate it to avoid two consecutive P1000s and obtaining points too easily. The tournament will take place without being approved P1000, and the reward still stands!

However, if the clubs are now free to move, the FFT nevertheless proposes a proposal for the distribution of the prize money, for better standardization:

Note that, in the case of the suggested distribution of the FFT for the P1000 and P1500, each quarter-finalist would receive 6% prize money (or 24% in total).

Gwenaelle Souyri

It was his brother who one day told him to accompany him on a track. padel, since then, Gwenaëlle has never left the court. Except when it comes to going to watch the broadcast of Padel Magazine, World Padel Tour… or Premier Padel…or the French Championships. In short, she is a fan of this sport.