Thomas Leygue and Fran Ramirez have won their ticket for the main draw of the P2 of Puerto Cabello in Venezuela on the circuit Premier Padel.

Thomas Leygue finally reaches the main draw of a Premier Padel in 2024, after qualifying failures in the 2nd round in Saudi Arabia and in the 1st round in Qatar and Acapulco. Along the way, the tricolor delivers a first benchmark match against two well-known players on the circuit, Barbosa and Garcia.

For Fran Ramirez, who therefore changed sides to play on the left with the Frenchman, it is a little better than his partner, with access to the 2nd main draw this year.

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The Franco-Hispanic pair, seeded number four in the previas, enforced their rank by largely dominating Danilo Perdomo and Juan Perez 6/1 – 6/1. In the last round of qualifying, the French number one shone with his partner to dismiss Henrique Barbosa and Aitor Garcia in two sets as well (6/4 – 6/4).

Leygue and Ramirez meet Spaniards Enrique Goenaga and Teo Zapata for their first round of the main draw on Wednesday.

Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!