As we take stock of the story of World Padel Tour, it is time to highlight the players who stood out for their efficiency and success in the final. Who are these champions who have had the best success rate in the WPT final? We tell you everything!

1. Alejandra Salazar

With an impressive efficiency of 60% in finals, Alejandra Salazar stands out with its record of 51 wins salary. 34 defeats. She is simply the player with the greatest number of attendance finally, the greatest number of titles won, and the highest success rate ! Her reputation will remain that of the most emblematic champion of the circuit.

Alejandra Salazar

2. Mapi and Majo Sánchez Alayeto

The sisters Sanchez Alayeto, Mapi and Majo, also display an efficiency of 60% in finals, with 33 wins et 22 losses. At the end of the 2023 season, Mapi and Majo Sánchez Alayeto made a memorable decision by announcing their retirement from the professional circuit. This advert marked the end of an era remarkable for the twins, who profoundly influenced the sport.

3. Gemma Triay

Gemma Triay, with remarkable efficiency of 58%, quickly established herself as one of the most promising players on the circuit. His impressive record of 36 wins salary. 26 losses is only part of its success story. In 2023, she performed 84 games, winning 65 of them, which gives it an exceptional efficiency rate of 77,38% for the year.


4. Ari Sanchez

Ari Sánchez, with an efficiency of 56% in the finals, counts 35 wins et 27 losses. She has demonstrated, on several occasions, thatshe could adapt and triumph facing different styles of play. Her notable performance places her just behind Gemma Triay in the hierarchy of the most effective players in finals.

ari sanchez forehand volley wpt valencia open 2023

5. Paula Josemaria

Paula Josemaría, with an efficiency rate of 56%, is recognized for her fighting spirit and perseverance on the field. His record of 28 wins salary. 22 losses only underlines his determination. However, in 2023, Paula demonstrated an even more impressive performance. She played 81 games in total and to win 72, which gives it an efficiency rate of 88,89% for the year. She was crowned champion at 13 times et was a finalist twice.

6. Bea Gonzalez

Bea González, although still young in his career, already displays an efficiency of 55% in the finals, with 11 wins salary. 9 losses. This notable performance places her just behind Paula Josemaría,

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