Radical Padel

Radical Padel is currently the most extensive website on the internet for playing Padel.

This app provides quick and easy access to the mobile version of RadicalPadel.com

You can follow the progress of your league and your matches wherever you want.

That nothing can stop you from playing Padel !

Operational features:

- Come and register for the matches in progress.

- Create, edit, cancel matches.

- Read league messages (private and public).

- Save the results of the matches.

- View the Tier statistics of the Levels and the ranking.

- Manage favorite players.

- Manage your profile.

- See the list of players.

- View club information from each league.

- Compare the results of the two players.

- Manage reminders.

- Receive notifications of open matches, substitutions, full matches, messages, etc.

- Silence and / or deactivate notifications according to preferences (one day, three days or one week)

- Configure the settings to receive notifications: by level, gender, time, days of the week, etc.