There is movement in the Top 20 worldwide in women with separation of three pairs, in just a few days.

The different separations

First of all, the end of Carolina Navarro et Marina Guinart, quarter-finalists at the first tournament of the year in Riyadh, have decided to put an end to their association. In her Instagram post, Marina Guinart warmly thanks that which has been world number 1 for nine years: “Thank you for your time and for teaching me how to be professional from head to toe."

It is also the end for Araceli Martinez et Sara Ruiz Soto. The two players announced the end of their collaboration on Instagram, almost at the same time than the Guinart/Navarro pair.

Another separation: that of Carolina orsi et Marina lobo, just a few weeks after their association. Unfortunately, it was not possible for both players to finish on a good note, as they were forced to retire during the Puerto Cabello P2, after food poisoning.

It is also the end of Lorena Rufo as well as Lucia Martinez. For the second time this season, Lorena Rufo, former partner of Alix Collombon, loses her partner to the detriment of another player. After Claudia Fernandez at the start of the season, it is now Lucia Martinez's turn to leave the young Spaniard.

The new pairs

For now, only Carolina Orsi and Carolina Navarro have announced the start of their collaboration on social networks. The two players are also registered together for the Lotto Brussels P2 which will mark the start of their association.

For Lorena Rufo, Marina Lobo, Marina Guinart and Lucia Martinez, Araceli Martinez and Sara Ruiz, we do not have any more official information regarding the rest of their season.

However, Marina Guinart et Araceli Martinez are both registered together for Lotto Brussels P2. Perhaps the start of a new association between the two players?

Furthermore Lorena Rufo et Sara Ruiz Soto played the Puerto Cabello P2 together.

Therefore, if we consider that we have two other new pairs on the women's circuit, the logic would be to find a pair Marina Lobo / Lucia Martinez. Nothing is confirmed yet but it seems to be quite logical.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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