Sanyo and Agustin Gutiérrez inclined for their entry into contention at Milano Premier Padel P1 against Rafa Mendez and Javi Rico.

A catastrophic match

The 8th seed did not deliver his best match yesterday, far from it... With 49 unforced errors, the Gutiérrez had a very complicated evening. Often in the fridge, Sanyo showed big signs of annoyance, safe and off the track... Frustrated by hitting few balls, “El Mago” did not help his nephew, who clearly lacked sensations.

Quite upset, the 39-year-old broke down in the third set, taking big risks on almost every shot, hitting some superb winners, but also making a large number of unforced errors. At the end of the match, the Argentinian posted a message on his Instagram account congratulating his opponents of the day. A post that seems very polite at best, very ironic at worst...

Not proud of him...

But afterwards, Sanyo calmed down somewhat, and posted another message, to apologize for his attitude during the meeting. The Argentine asks forgiveness from his family, his parents, his wife, his children, but also from his fans. He explains that he lacked combativeness during this match, and that he did not honor the values ​​that were instilled in him by his parents. Not proud of his attitude, he explains, as he has already said several times this year, that the season will have been too long and regrets not having been able to help his nephew more. We have confirmation that the nephew/uncle parenthesis is indeed over.

The native of San Luis, announced alongside Paquito Navarro in 2024, hopes to be able to regain all his motivation, and thanks his coach Claudio Gilardoni for supporting him on the bench. It must be said that, as you will see in the video below, it was very hot at times yesterday!

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