First surprise at Premier Padel Milan P1 ! Sanyo and Agustin Gutiérrez take the front door against Javi Rico and Rafa Mendez and exit for the second time in a row in the first round.

At the end of a very strange match, marked by a large number of unforced errors, the 8th seed from Milano Premier Padel P1 fell this Tuesday on the central track of the Allianz Cloud. If Javi Rico and Rafa Mendez held on as usual, Sanyo and his nephew clearly seemed to lack concentration for their entry into the competition.

Alternating the very good and the very bad, the Gutiérrez are therefore knocked out of the competition by a pair who will have been more regular, and who won a deserved victory: 6/3 4/6 6/2. The Spaniards will find tomorrow a duo in full swing which should offer a completely different opposition: Arroyo / Alonso,

Sanyo and Agustin certainly played their last match together, they who had started their adventure very well and who ended it with two consecutive defeats in the first round, three in the last four tournaments… Announced alongside Paquito Navarro next season, “El Mago”, who has constantly complained about the overly busy schedule, will have to get back into great shape and find motivation if he wants to play the leading roles again in 2024.

But before that, one last deadline awaits him: the Master Final, which he is supposed to play on the left alongside Mike Yanguas!

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