Stéphane Penso Put on your scientist's gown to test ShockOut anti-vibrators: an article that should interest those who tend to suffer from elbow pain.

Today is the main challenges for a player of padel is to keep your elbow and shoulder safe from injury.

The palas of padel, in addition to being heavier than tennis, squash or badminton rackets, are also those which radiate the most vibrations (excluding Basque pelota). The company ShockOut has been looking into this issue for many years, and has thus been able to refine and improve a whole range of innovative products.

The Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid has carried out a study on the functionality of ShockOut shock absorbers. She came to the conclusion that the company's patented shock absorbers have “real utility as an anti-vibration element”.

And what was the study? (be careful it’s very technical!)

Well thanks to a complete analysis of dynamic tests on the oscillatory response of the frames, with and without shock absorbers, FRF (Frequency Response Function) results were obtained.

From this observation, an analysis of frequency modularity was studied by integrating the weighting and the analysis in octaves defined in the UNE-EN-ISO 5349 standard.Measured mechanical vibrations and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibrations' ”(April 2002).

At the time of the study, both hard and soft gum palas were used. After the dynamic tests on the different models, it was observed that all the palas vibrated, which is normal knowing that the frames are “deformable solids”. In turn, the dynamic behavior was recorded and a comparative analysis of the vibration level was evaluated when the antivibrators were incorporated. To this end, the Frequency Response Functions (FRF) obtained in the tests were interpreted and they confirm the major usefulness of these “dampeners”.

The different comparisons have shown that when the shock absorbers are incorporated in the holes, the level of vibration acceleration in the handle is reduced and, consequently, the harmful effects of said vibrations. The comparison is therefore obvious; the level of vibrations emitted by the rackets with and without ShockOut antivibrators, and the results obtained, showed that, in all cases, the modular acceleration (RMS) is significantly lower when shocks are included.

What are the advantages of these antivibrators?

Intrigued by the benefits of this new system, we wanted to learn more and, from ShockOut, we revealed some of its main features:

  • Vibration reduction: with this unique system, the company ensures a reduction of oscillations up to 92%!
  • Creativity : the shock absorbers allow you to vary the balance of the pala. When used at the top of the racket, they can influence its performance and thus allow you to gain power, or to have more control if they are placed towards the handle. They can also frame the sweet-spot (centering area) to make it increase, or be placed in the corners, so that the striking surface acquires greater tension.
  • Comfort: a great improvement in hitting is seen when the shock absorbers are mounted on the pala, especially when placed on the upper part (power/violence). In this case, we will notice not only that the vibrations disappear but also that the sensations improve.
  • Solidity : the inserted shock absorbers are unbreakable. Sustainable purchase that can be transposed at each change of pala.
  • Synergy : they allow the blade to gain body, making it more solid. The shock absorbers with their cylindrical shape, housed on both sides, make the racket structurally improved, being more robust, so that cracks and breaks take longer to appear.
  • Personalization : they are marketed in different colors. Therefore you can choose the best combination that will best suit the cosmetics of your frame.

Place to practice

Now that all these technical elements are available, what about use?

The installation is childishly simple. 99% of palas having a profile of 38mm, there will be no compatibility problem, both in terms of depth and in terms of the diameter of the drilling, because the ShockOut is made of a malleable material which fits perfectly shapes. Only some brands with larger or smaller holes are not compatible.

Most of the time, it is enough to insert 4 "things" into the holes, turn the racket over, and proceed in the same way (in terms of location) on the other side. To remove them, a pick will be necessary (guitarists will appreciate it, included in the pack), to allow disengagement without risk of damage.

I first placed the ShockOut on the upper part of the Babolat Technical Viper, a power focused diamond shaped pala!

Babolat technical viper anti vibrators

The result is absolutely clear!

No more vibrations observed (on the point dulce) and greatly improved playing comfort. In addition, I increased my hitting power with the addition of these few welcome grams!

I then inserted the anti-vibrators at the bottom of the Counter Viper, and indeed the control was greatly improved, while clearly mutating the bad oscillations. If you don't want to change the balance of your pala, you can still opt for an "intelligent" 50/50 distribution, but this is not recommended by the factory.

Babolat Counter Viper anti vibrators


It is an essential product for those who want to protect their joints and take care of their ligaments.

With this innovation, you will play more relaxed without worrying about pain during the game and especially after the match. Additionally, you can change the behavior of your pala by influencing the strategic arrangement of the “dampeners”, according to the desired style of play.

Babolat anti vibrators technical viper

You benefit from the recognized know-how of the ShockOut company, which has surrounded itself with the best researchers in order to produce precise scientific data with undeniable and convincing results.

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Undisputed efficiency
Price (€ 14,95)

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Adaptation necessary to change of balance

Thanks to Julien and Manu for French Padel Shop for allowing me to do this evaluation.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!