Stephanie Cohen-Aloro, recently appointed Director Padel to the French Tennis Federation (FFT), comes to our microphone to discuss his new role.

Accelerate the development of padel

“My goal is to accelerate the development of padel, because it develops almost without us. It was essential to turn the corner. What I like about this new mission is developing things. After my career in tennis, I worked ten years in the hotel industry, in business, which allowed me to train and learn a lot in project management, budget management, managing a team, developing products, satisfying and meeting customer requirements. I have always kept a link with tennis by also being a tournament director.

What excites me is product development, starting from almost a blank page and working as a team.

In my current role, we must help structure the padel in the territories and develop both high level and leisure practice in clubs.

I have a complementary team with experts like Benjamin Tison, to structure the high level part and the training of our young people and teachers. Benjamin brings enormous expertise in padel, particularly in training and high level. Our goal is to train high-level players. We plan to create a National Center for padel.

Stéphane Berrafato takes care of development and competition. He works on national and international competitions and tournament development. Stéphane knows the padel, he has done considerable work for several years for the padel, it’s great to have him by my side.

My experience in business helps me to try to structure our vision and to follow our projects all with joy and good humor.”

Do padel a major sport in France

“I play a little padel, but I am more focused on the development of this sport rather than on my own progression. My current objective is to develop the sport with my team, focusing on infrastructure, club development, training of our young people and competition.

We are in the process of structuring the padel, with the objective of increasing the number of licensees and infrastructure.

The important thing is to structure the padel in France, to continue to develop the infrastructure, the teaching offer, and the high level. It is essential to develop schools of padel and to educate children about this sport. We want parents to consider padel as a sport of first choice. Children must be introduced to padel to develop our future talents.”

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