Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno will play tomorrow in the final of the Premier Padel Qatar Major. At a press conference, the Argentinians were very happy with this win over Coello/Tapia.

Martin Di Nenno, who made a very big match in the diagonal of the gunner Coello, underlined the complementarity of “Los Superpibes”: “It felt like I was everywhere, but it's just that I know where I have to position myself every time. With Stupa, we know each other perfectly and this complementarity is felt in our placement. The preparation with Marcos Lopez also helped us a lot to be at the top physically”.

Stupa Di Nenno smiles final qualification Premier Padel Qatar Major 2023

Franco Stupaczuk : “It was a big mental battle, we had no doubts about our level of play. Hard work pays off and we are gaining momentum from Abu Dhabi. The year is still long, there will be more matches like this with such intensity, but we are very happy to have beaten a pair that was still undefeated!”

Tomorrow, the Argentinians will still have a big battle to play. It will be either against their compatriots Bela and Sanyo, or against Alez Ruiz and Momo Gonzalez.

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