In one of our traditional Instagram polls, we asked you what you thought of the new association between Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Tello, with the native of Pehuajo trying a new experience on the right.

And for two-thirds of you, this is a good idea. It must be said that many fans have already expressed their wish to see Bela change sides. It must be said that at almost 45 years old, this player who has dominated the debates for years in particular thanks to his knowledge of the game, his precision, his impeccable physique and his foolproof mentality, seems to be in great difficulty facing the best players in the game. current left.

In one padel which has evolved towards an increasingly aggressive game among men, the Argentinian lacks the power to really hurt the left side. Power is also an attribute that his new teammate Juan Tello does not lack. It is of course partly to take advantage of the decisive side of the “Gato” that the ambassador of Team Wilson decided to abandon his natural side.

After a mixed experience with Tapia more than three years ago, Fernando is trying to change sides again. Will he be able to bring all his experience to the right and prepare the points for his partner? The future will tell !

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