Our colleagues of Veinte Diez announced it to the planet padel : Fernando Belasteguin decided to move to the right to join forces with Juan Tello. As for Paquito Navarro and Juan LeBron yesterday, the information has gone beyond the rumor stage, with reliable sources seeming to agree. If the players have not yet communicated we can already be almost certain that Bela and “El Gato” will share the track from P2 in Brussels.

Tello / Ruiz and Capra / Bela, it doesn't work!

We know it, in the padel modern, everything moves very quickly, and to the regret of many players, long projects are becoming more and more rare. Athletes most of the time want almost immediate results, and are always attentive to the “market”. We therefore see it with Fernando Belasteguin, who after only two tournaments with Lucho Capra, decides to radically change his project.

However, on paper, the association seemed coherent. The native of Pehuajo, for his last season, returned to the configuration that was most successful for him in his career (JMD, Lima, Coello), namely playing on the left with a left-hander. Capra could benefit from the immense experience of his new teammate, and on top of that, he joined his equipment supplier, Wilson, and even played with the “Boss” signature racket. Everything came together for the two compatriots to write a great story, but on the track the reality was very different.

Indeed, far from his best level and perhaps not able to withstand the pressure of playing with the one who is considered by many to be the greatest player in history, Capra did not really help a Bela hampered by his elbow and who seems, at almost 45 years old, to have been overtaken by the weight of the years. Far from his best form, Fernando certainly realizes that he can no longer compete with the current powerful left-wing players and therefore prefers to try one last dance on the right...

For their part, Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello gave more time to their project. The two gunners, who seemed to be able to form a pair well in keeping with the padel currently, just can't play together. The two men, who everyone saw separating at the end of last season, will have tried until the end to make mayonnaise but despite their efforts and those of their coach Rodri Ovide, they simply seem incompatible.

Scalded cat…

The two separations are therefore perfectly understandable, even if we would perhaps have liked the man who was world number 16 for 1 consecutive years to give Capra a little more time... But Fernando only has one season left to play, It is therefore obvious that time is running out for him. And as the infallible competitor that he is, the Argentinian absolutely does not want to settle for eliminations in the round of XNUMX.

So he takes a gamble for his final year, moving or rather moving back to the right. Indeed, those who follow the padel for a while we have known that Bela had tried to move to the right with Agustin Tapia, with ups and downs, and finally a return to the left for the one who explained at the time that he could not be as influential on the other side of the track. It was then Tapia who finally took charge of the drive, with a victory in the Master Final at stake, but also a good dose of frustration, which had encouraged the “Mozart of Catamarca” to break the pair.

A situation that looks a bit like that of… Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello! Indeed, after putting an end to his legendary pair with Chingotto, the powerful left-wing player attempted a 100% pair Bullpadel with Paquito who then seemed ready to move to the right. And after a rollercoaster ride, the Andalusian realized that he wasn't getting far from his preferred side and the association ended with Tello spending more and more time on the right...

An association accounting first of all ?

Obviously, these two experiences do not cool down “El Gato” who is embarking on a project that seems unsafe. Far from his best level since he left the “Super Raton”, the one who is one of the most powerful players on the circuit tells himself that he certainly does not have much to lose, and that he does not will do no worse with Bela than with Ruiz. On the other hand, by betting on a player with a few more points, he also certainly ensures a little more time among the top seeds. This also applies to whoever will be his new teammate.

You have therefore understood that if this project seems a little shaky, it at least has the advantage of allowing the two men to secure a place in the Top 8 pairs in a more sustainable way and therefore to avoid meeting the best from the eighths. Furthermore, Tello can gain experience and realize a certain fantasy for any player, especially Argentinian: that of playing alongside “King Bela”.

Will this association be prolific on the court, will Tello and Bela play the whole season together? We are waiting for your opinions!

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