Discover the names of the players who will represent France during the 14th World Championships padel juniors which will take place from November 13 to 18 in Paraguay.



Joann Peloux (2009, Paca)

Quentin Bernard (2009, Occ)

Nathan Perrot (2010, Occ)


Timéo Fonteny (2007, Occ)

Yoann Boronad (2007, Occ)

Lucas Pillon (2007, Nva)

Jérémy Robert (2008, Ara)


Louis Jover (2006, Occ)

Josh Schbeir (2006, Paca)



André Louisa (2009, Occ)

Feryel Bekhedda (2009, Idf)

Neila Bekhedda (2009, Idf)


Kimy Barla (2007, Paca)

Célia Talano (2007, Occ)

Lou Lambert Agosti (2007, Occ)

Lison Chretien Meal (2008, Reunion)


Louise Bahurel (2006, Ara)

Jade Psonka (2005, HDF)

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