It's a little exclusive released by Teo Zapata to Mario Cordero last Sunday: he will play with Enrique Goenaga this season.

This is a bit of a surprise since less than two months ago, Teo told us that he intended, unless there was a better proposal, to continue with Fran Guerrero.

Change of direction therefore for the new member of the Team Oxdog, who will play with the one who follows him in the ranking, the 43rd player in the world, Enrique Goenaga.

It is therefore the end of a pair which had shown very good things at the end of last year, notably with a quarter-final in Mexico. The recent winner of the Nationale 1 Interclubs with Casa Padel will he be able to do better with young Goenaga?

Note that for his part, Guerrero (53 FIP) makes his return with Arnau Ayats (65 FIP).

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