Select appropriate shoes for the padel represents a capital step in the constitution of a player's panoply.

A high-quality shoe, combining comfort and adaptation, not only optimizes your performances, but also reduces the potential dangers linked to slips, chafing or twisting.

It is not uncommon to find that on the grounds of padel, some players opt for shoes designed for other activities, such as running, indoor sports, or even for everyday life.
However, this choice does not take into account the specific characteristics of the terrain and the environment specific to the padel. This use of unsuitable footwear significantly increases the risk of injury (and compromises performance).

Kuikma recently unveiled its latest footwear creation. After the incredible 990 PS, now comes the news PS-PRO. These shoes were developed in collaboration with Maxi Sanchez and Lucia Sainz, two former world number 1.

Discovering the Kuikma PS Pro

The perfect fusion of comfort, performance and style.

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of padel, every technological advance is an opportunity to improve our performance on the court.
One of the key elements of our playing arsenal is undoubtedly the pair of shoes that we put on no matter what before hitting the field. Here's why having shoes adapted to the padel can bring real added value to your game.

The ultimate playground for your feet

Imagine hitting the trail with unparalleled grip, stringing together quick moves with impressive stability, and feeling a comfort that feels almost unreal.

The PS Pro embody these characteristics in an unprecedented way. Equipped with an outsole Dual Grip 2 Hybrid (scalable herringbone and traction studs) specially designed for padel, they offer exceptional grip on synthetic turf. Lateral movements are accompanied by a feeling of confidence thanks to technologies that we will detail below, and which stabilize your movements and minimize the risk of slipping.
The sole of padel finds its origins in the world of tennis, mainly on models made for clay courts. It is distinguished by these grooves in the shape of points which cross it and provide improved grip.
The herringbone sole is the optimal choice for running shoes. padel, and it is the one that currently predominates.

The perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness

When you are immersed in the excitement of a game of padel exciting, every move counts. This is why these innovative shoes incorporate a midsole M-Foam Cushion which combines cushioning and responsiveness. You can anticipate a dynamic bounce with every move, while enjoying exceptional cushioning that attenuates shock during sudden movements and jumps.
This combination provides a feeling of comfort that lasts even after hours of intense play, reducing fatigue and optimizing your performance.

A shoe that fuses with your foot

Comfort is the essential element that transcends every step, every pivot and every leap. The PS Pro are designed with painstaking attention to ergonomic detail, giving you a fit that blends seamlessly with your foot shape.

Technology Forefoot Support ensures optimal support, while the breathable materials Upper FlatKnit keep your feet cool and dry even when the action gets intense.

Performance improvement

By opting for shoes specially designed for padel, you have the opportunity to dramatically improve your performance in the field.

With features such as Pebax Shank which enhances stability and H-Flex which offers exceptional flexibility, you are able to focus your attention on your game rather than your feet. This approach can result in smoother movements and increased coordination, helping to improve your overall performance.

A style that turns heads

In addition to their impressive technical characteristics, this new reference also brings a touch of style to your look.
A sober and contemporary design, striking color combinations such as black, white and turquoise, and studied details make these shoes more than just sports equipment, they are an extension of your personality on the court. .


These PS Pro have a weight of 392 grams, so we are on an increase of 35 grams compared to the 990 models. This variation is easily explained by the integration of new technologies, in particular the Pebax plate discreetly positioned under the sole, and the rigid buttresses located at the level of the heel.

Regarding the price, it is experiencing a significant increase, and it will cost 100 euros to acquire these remarkable PS Pro. However, it is important to note that this price range remains very competitive compared to other premium products available on the market, which can be significantly more expensive. They are available in a range of sizes from 36 to 47 and in two colours: charcoal black/turquoise blue and mist grey/fluo green.

On track !

Before trying on new shoes, it is crucial to put them on correctly.

However, the first drawback lies in the fact that you have to exert a certain force to put them on. I attribute this difficulty to the fact that they were new at the time of the test, and that they will have to be worn several times to soften them.

However, after careful examination, I felt the stiffness of the buttress. This differs markedly from my older PS990s where it was more flexible. It's rather positive: this stiffness will provide better support and additional protection for my Achilles heel.

Kuikma PS 990 vs. PS Pro

Regarding the size, there were no unpleasant surprises. I usually wear size 44, and these PS Pros fit perfectly on my feet

Another aspect to highlight is the absence of a tongue. Instead, you have to pull firmly on the upper part of the shoe to properly position the foot inside. This means that we are directly in the liner in which a tongue is integrated. I must admit that the urge to pull as hard as before is much less present, compared to my old PS990s where the tab was distinct and detached.

Once I managed to put these new shoes on, it was necessary to lace them. A final point to note concerns the laces which are thinner than those of my previous pair and above all much longer.

During one game, the right shoelace came undone twice, which inevitably involves tying a double knot. However, I find it's not really a problem, and those who are not convinced can simply replace the laces with a pair of their choice.

Impressive performance

Once in the field, I was completely amazed. The exceptional grip of these shoes, and the comfort they provide, really impressed me.

The stability they offer is incredible, allowing you to move around with confidence. In addition, the combination between braking and the recovery of support is simply extraordinary. The dynamism of these shoes has nothing to do with that of my old pairs; they allow you to play while being more serene and relaxed thanks to the confidence you can have in their excellent grip.

The high-quality cushioning is also very effective. It's really satisfying to jump like a kid to catch your opponents lobs, and to touch the ground after each jump without feeling the slightest discomfort on landing.

After a play session of more than three hours, I am amazed by the breathability of the PS Pro. The upper is not wet, and the insole (the famous Essensole, dear to the brand for many years) is also perfectly dry.

For people who are particularly attentive to this aspect, it is important to note that as far as odors are concerned, there is absolutely no presence, which testifies to the quality of the comfort sole and the good ventilation of the shoe.


Decathlon has taken a radical turn this year by offering truly top-of-the-range models, including the new LS and MS Pro rackets. This initiative marks an undeniable departure from their traditional image, which was associated with affordable prices without cutting-edge technologies.

From now on, this era belongs to the past, and thanks to its division padel Embodied by the Kuikma satellite, the Lille company offers truly innovative products. Even if a price increase may seem inevitable, prices remain reasonable given the technological advances involved.

With these PS Pro, the expression “find the shoe that fits” takes on its full meaning in the sports context.

Invest in a pair of shoes specially designed for the padel can significantly impact your gaming experience and performance. The grip, stability, comfort and support offered by this model are invaluable advantages for any enthusiast of padel. The pair of PS Pro shoes is more than just an accessory. It's an investment in your game, your comfort and your confidence. It gives you the opportunity to dominate your moves with agility, feel every move with intensity, and enjoy an unparalleled on-court experience by fusing technology, safety, and style for ultimate performance.

Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned player, shoes suitable for padel can help you perform at your best on the court, while minimizing the risk of injury.

I would like to thank Baptiste SAVARY, Sales Director France, for sending me a preview of this latest model from Kuikma.



When considering the purchase of a new pair of shoes, it is essential to become familiar with a certain vocabulary. This allows you to master and fully understand what you are about to acquire.

MIDSOLE : less apparent, the second layer of the sole offers increased technicality to the shoe. It is at this strategic point that shoe manufacturers integrate innovative concepts such as cushioning systems. The midsole also helps structure the fit of the shoe, providing the necessary comfort and stability.

Maxi Sanchez Kuikma shoes PS Pro pala MS Pro 2023

INSOLE : usually removable and replaceable, the sockliner is thin and provides additional comfort and better breathability. This part is directly in contact with your foot.

STEM : the upper refers to the upper part of the shoe that wraps and protects the upper part of your foot. It is often designed from flexible and airy materials. Some shoes incorporate an additional shield on the upper to reinforce it, in particular to resist friction with the ground when the supporting foot slides.

UPPER : This section is located above the upper and extends from the instep to the end of the toes. In addition to the upper, it also ensures the comfort and support of the foot inside the shoe.

BUTTRESS : buttresses are elements that reinforce the back of the shoe in order to protect the Achilles tendons.

TONGUE : placed between your foot and the lacing area, the tongue facilitates the insertion of the foot into the shoe. It is held in place by the laces or any other tightening system to firmly hold your foot inside the shoe.

CUSHIONED : it is essential that your shoes padel are equipped with a sole with quality cushioning at the heel. Although its degree may vary according to the models and brands, the cushioning adds undeniable comfort. Even if our body adapts (through muscle contractions, for example), repeated impacts to the ground can over time cause injuries. This is where the cushioning comes into play. Indeed, it attenuates the vibrations resulting from the impact by reducing the load undergone. In addition to reduced fatigue, it brings you increased comfort.

ADHESION : As previously discussed, the outsole plays an essential role in your game by providing optimal grip on the ground. A sole specifically designed for padel is a must for your shoes.

SUSTAINABILITY : since the shoes of padel undergo frequent and intense stress, durability is a key factor in avoiding too frequent changes. Each brand offers its own technologies to reinforce the most stressed areas, subject to friction or tearing.

BREATHABILITY : this criterion completes the comfort expected of a pair of shoes. The breathability of shoes padel is related to the design of the rod. This offers a variable level of ventilation depending on the material used. This ventilation allows your foot to breathe and the shoe to eliminate moisture caused by perspiration.



The excellent properties of Pebax polymers are based on what chemists and materials experts call “block copolymer technology”. Simply put, this allows polymer designers to use two distinct block types, namely polyether and polyamide, and play around with their respective proportions to create a durable material that offers tailored flexibility, elasticity and strength. . This material also exhibits exceptional energy return while remaining incredibly lightweight.

The main advantages of Pebax materials include: ultra lightness, superior energy return, impact resistance, extreme elasticity and behavior at low temperatures.

Compared to other materials available on the market such as EVA or TPU, Pebax polymers stand out for a specific characteristic known as “low energy loss”, as this curve clearly illustrates. hysteresis. Basically, this means that when the polymer is stretched, it proves to be extremely efficient at storing energy and then releasing it optimally when the tension is released. This process imparts an explosive feeling under your feet.


The “Upper FlatKnit” technology corresponds to the use of FlatKnit fabric in the upper part of the shoe. This innovative material adapts perfectly to the morphology of the foot, offering a comfortable and precise fit. In addition, it guarantees excellent breathability, allowing air to circulate freely through the shoe. By incorporating the FlatKnit fabric, the shoe benefits from optimal support while ensuring a superior level of comfort for optimal performance on the court.


M-Foam Cushion technology involves the use of M-Foam Cushion material within the midsole of the shoe. Initially developed for running activities, this material has been adapted to meet the specific needs of this model. Made of EVA, the M-Foam Cushion offers a unique combination of responsiveness and comfort. It provides a dynamic rebound that allows agile and lively movements while providing exceptional cushioning to attenuate impacts. This technology guarantees an exceptional feeling of comfort and improved performance on the pitch.


Technology "Padel Dual Grip 2” is an evolution of the concept Padel Dual Grip, specially designed for the outsole of shoes padel. This hybrid sole design provides optimal grip on a variety of playing surfaces. No matter what type of court you play on, this technology guarantees excellent grip that will respond to the fast and demanding movements typical of the game. padel. It ensures complete confidence in your movements and contributes to high level performance on the court.


“Forefoot Support” technology focuses on forefoot support in running shoes. padel. It aims to offer remarkable stability and lateral support during intense lateral movements. Thanks to this feature, you benefit from increased stability and a feeling of security during the rapid changes of direction characteristic of the padel. Forefoot Support skillfully balances flexibility and support, allowing you to be agile while maintaining a solid foundation for peak performance on the pitch.


The “H-Flex” technology concerns the sole of the shoes of padel and is characterized by “H”-shaped flex zones located at the level of the metatarsals. This specific design allows exceptional flexibility of the sole, promoting comfort and quick reactions when moving on the court. The “H” shaped flex zones are strategically placed to align with the natural flex points of the foot, providing a natural feeling of movement and responsiveness.


The “Eco-Design” approach encompasses efforts to reduce the environmental impact of a product. This approach is based on concrete actions to minimize the harmful consequences on the environment, in particular in areas such as climate change, air pollution, water pollution and the depletion of resources.

In the context of the shoes of padel, eco-design consists of applying methods and materials that are more respectful of the environment throughout the manufacturing process. This may include using recycled or sustainable materials, reducing energy consumption, limiting greenhouse gas emissions and implementing more responsible production practices.

The application of eco-design has reduced the environmental impact of the Kuikma PS Pro shoe by 30% compared to conventional models. This exemplifies the brand's commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation while delivering high quality products.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!