On the eve of the Nationale 1 Interclubs, we interviewed the man who is now the new active French number 1, Thomas Leygue.

The objective of Casa Padel : the title

“For the first time, I will participate in the French Team Championships, and I am proud to represent Home Padel. The objective is clear for us: to win the title. It’s an ambition that resonates in the hearts of every member of the team, and I feel we have what it takes to achieve it.

As for who I will play with, the question remains open. The final composition will depend on the decisions of the team captains. Personally, I adapt easily and I think that Teo Zapata's style of play corresponds well to my way of playing. But in the end, I’m ready to adapt.”

Ambitions for 2024

“I don't have a specific goal in terms of ranking. As I have always said, what matters to me is finding consistency in my results. Of course, I wouldn't say no to progression in the rankings, aiming for the 70, the 50, or even the top 40 would be fantastic. But my main focus remains on improving my consistency on the circuit.

Mental stability and stability with partners are also important. With my partner (Ferran Insa), we have developed our own gaming strategy. This stability is a major asset for me. For now, we are playing well together, we had a very good end to the season and I hope it continues like that.”

Thomas Leygue clenched fist 2024

Insa: the ideal partner

“For the moment, our decision is clear: to continue our journey together. He still plays very well and he has taught me a lot, but I think I have a greater margin for improvement than him. We will see that in the long term, but in any case in the short term, I will stay with Insa. 

The fact of no longer being quote-unquote the team leader and having someone who has stability like that is a huge help, so I think today is the ideal partner for me. We complement each other very well, and we’ll see what happens this year!” 

Retrospective and maturity

“Looking back, I measure the progress made and the maturity acquired over the years. I experienced ups and downs, changes of partners, which is common in teams. Today, I am better able to manage the challenges that arise, thanks to the maturity and experience acquired.

I always have a special thought for Nicolas Trancart, with whom I shared a year and a half of competition. Despite the irregularities in my game at the time, he trusted me.”

“I enjoy playing on the left but for the moment I have better results on the right and I am not yet ready to switch back to the left.”

Prospects for the French team

Thomas Leygue from the back of the France World Cup 2022 Dubai team

“The future of the French team is at a turning point, with the departure of emblematic figures like Benjamin Tison and Jérémy Scatena. Their absence leaves a void, not only in terms of skills on the field but also for the atmosphere and leadership they brought. However, I see this as an opportunity for the new generation, of which I am a part, to take the lead and show what we are capable of.

It's true that we might not be as competitive immediately, but I'm optimistic about the future. THE padel in France is full of talent, with promising young players ready to make a name for themselves. We have before us the challenge of building a new competitive team, capable of keeping France at the highest level.”

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