This Saturday begins on very first tournament in the history of the new circuit called Ultimate Padel Tour. Let's discover the tables of the competition which will take place in La Coruña, in Galicia.

We start this Saturday with the men's qualifications, in which we find no less than sixteen pairs, with players we know well, such as Borja Yribarren, Tonet Sans, Luis Pozo and Matias Nicoletti. The qualifications are played in the form of a real preliminary round since each pair winning their match will advance to the final table.

The start of the women's qualifications also this Saturday, notably with the entry into the running of the Franco-Spanish pair Sireix / Rodriguez. As with the men, sixteen pairs are fighting for eight places!

From Sunday, the main draws will begin. For both men and girls, there are tables of 52 teams (including eight from qualifying), with sixteen seeds who have a bye in the first round.

On the women's side, we will follow the performance of the Franco-Spanish pair Touly / Peco, who clearly have a chance to play against the Fernandes / Atencia duo.

On the men's side, we will follow the Franco-Spanish pairs Leygue / Insa and Scatena / Fernandez, respectively opposed to Jofre / Hernandez and Meléndez / Meléndez.

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