The energy drink brand, which had already set foot in the world of padel by sponsoring Juan Lebron and Ale Galan, will now work with the circuit Premier Padel.

Press release - "Premier Padel and Red Bull today announced a new multi-year strategic partnership covering media services, streaming, production and sponsorship through the end of the 2027 season. Premier Padel. 

The new partnership between Premier Padel and Red Bull becomes the largest broadcast, production and sponsorship deal in the sport's history. It will make it possible to develop the offer of Premier Padel and support the competition's strategy of developing the sport to new audiences around the world through Red Bull's network of international media and digital platforms, present in 130 countries.

Live matches will be available on the free Red Bull platform TV (television and mobile app) in select countries from the quarter-finals to the final of each tournament, with innovative new features for broadcasting matches. The YouTube channel Premier Padel will continue to broadcast matches from rounds 1 to 3 live, unencrypted in some countries

Red Bull will also create and distribute new, engaging fan content throughout the year on its social digital platforms, which will complement live coverage of all tournaments in Premier Padel throughout the year and will expand knowledge of this sport to new audiences. The 2024 season of Premier Padel will begin on February 26 with P1 in Riyadh. Fans will be able to watch the matches live on TV channels, on the YouTube channel of Premier Padel for rounds 1 to 3, and on Red Bull TV from the quarter-finals until the final. 

The partnership will also see Red Bull become a main tournament partner Premier Padel and transform the on- and off-field experience for players and fans at tournaments Premier Padel throughout the year, notably thanks to the Red Bull Athlete Zone.

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