If we know that Premier Padel will propose five stages in Spain in 2024, and that many have already been put forward, we also understand that in France, via information which often comes from Spain and Argentina, there would be not one but two stages Premier Padel next season. This would therefore make our country one of the important bastions of the professional circuit.

Indeed, in addition to Paris which has been organizing a Major at Roland Garros for two years (which could take place at the end of September beginning of October in 2024 due to the Olympic Games), another city seems to be favored by Premier Padel : Bordeaux.

For the moment, the information has neither been made official nor confirmed, but it is understood that Toulouse, which organized two stages of the World Padel Tour in 2022 and 2023, should not have a tournament in 2024. It is probably a disappointment for the organizers of this great event not to see it renewed.

But apparently it seems that Premier Padel please reserve us a little surprise for 2024 with a stop in Bordeaux. Obviously this would be a P2 category stage. Indeed, the Major and part of the P1 already seem to be allocated to other countries, France, which already has a Major, would therefore also have a P2.

Premier Padel has not yet communicated officially, but a lot of information is circulating, probably with a stop in Asia and another in the United States. To be continued.

Team Padel May

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