The surprises keep coming in Galicia! After pairs 5 and 12 on Tuesday, it was the seeds 1 and 3 who bid farewell to the competition yesterday!

While they had started well against Jorge Ruiz and Javi Martinez (6/4 for them in the first round), new teammates Lucas Campagnolo and Agustin Gutiérrez completely collapsed in the next two sets and lost for their very first official match together. On his Instagram account, “Campa” wanted to reassure his fans, he who was sidelined for a long time due to physical problems and who is still happy to make his return to competition.

Another pair formed during the offseason, Belluati / Fernandez, also left this Wednesday. But unlike the seed 1, the seed 3 did not score a single set in La Coruna. The fault lies with an already well-honed Miguel Lamperti and José Jimenez. The outsiders win 6/4 6/1 and head towards the eighth.

Pair 9, Vilariño / José Rico lost one of the biggest fights of the day against Jofre / Hernandez: 6/2 2/6 6/4.

In the other matches, the favorites held their place, for both men and women, which should offer us some very good matches this Thursday.

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