The very first tournament in the history ofUltimate Padel Tour is already holding its surprise with the elimination of the 5th seed as soon as it enters the running.

Impactful at the end of last season, Jaime Muñoz and Jairo Bautista are not starting 2024 in the best way. Indeed, the Spaniards conceded a defeat in two sets as soon as they entered the fray in La Coruña. Muñoz, who was still in Miami two days ago for the Reserve Cup, may not have fully digested the time difference and plane hours.

In any case, it was a very good performance for Victor Mena and Fede Mouriño who won 6/4 7/6 and qualified for the eighth, where they will meet Sergio Alba and Raul Marcos for a match which most interesting announcement.

But in the meantime, there are still some very nice posters this Tuesday in Galicia. To follow the matches, it's just below!

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