While the final of Premier Padel P1 Riyadh enters Arturo Coello / Agustin Tapia et Alejandro Galan / Juan LeBron was in full swing in the Saudi capital, the latter had a pressing desire during the break.

From there, he turned to his teammate to let him know and tell him that he was going to be gone for a few minutes. It was at this moment that the Madrid native replied that he would prefer that he not go, believing that he went there a little too often.

Astonished, the Andalusian confirmed to him that yes, it's true, he urinates a lot. And as he got up to go to the little corner, Alejandro Galan asked him to come back “hot”. Once the native of Puerto de Santa Maria left, his partner explained to his coach the reasons which pushed him to say that. In fact, he believes that every time Juan comes back from the toilet, the two friends are broken from the start.

We provide you with this translated exchange below:

Juan Lebron: I'm going to the toilet ok ?
Alejandro Galan: I prefer you not to go
Juan Lebron: What?
Alejandro Galan: You pee a lot!
Juan Lebron: Yes I know man
Alejandro Galan while his colleague stands up: But you come back hot!

Alejandro Galan to his coach : Every time he goes to the bathroom we get interrupted from the start. Always. I don't know what he does.

One thing is certain, this Sunday Juan Lebron's bathroom break will not prevent them from leaving Riyadh with a first title in your pocket.
Sebastien Carrasco

Future naturopath and passionate about padel, Seb is the health/food gentleman of Padel Magazine. He juggles between pala, quinoa and essential oils. For almost two years now he has been dealing with the news of the little yellow ball with the same passion.