The round of 20 between Bela/Yanguas and Arroyo/Rubio was very hot last night at Roland-Garros. Hanging on the track, the match was also hanging off it, with players who often came out of the 10×XNUMX to complain about various situations to the referee.

The most striking complaint is perhaps the one where Miguel Yanguas, after a failed spike which offered a par 4 to Rubio, went to claim that the ball was punctured to the chair umpire.

Convinced of not being able to miss such a blow in the Parisian heat, the Andalusian convinces himself that the ball is broken and does not budge from it with the referee. The latter explains to him that the ball is just a little deflated (deflates in Italian), but as “Mike” doesn't seem to understand Dante's language very well, he still asks to replay the point (while this is only done if the ball is clearly punctured, not if it lacks a bit of pressure ).

A rather lunar situation that you can review below:

Those who have the most memory will also remember that this is not the first time that there have been incidents in a match where Yanguas and Rubio are both present on the track!

In the end, Bela and Yanguas won the match, following Rubio's injury (7/5 6/7 2/0 ab.), but between attitude and moments of bewilderment, the latter did not really convince last night on Chatrier. They will have to recover if they want to eliminate Lebron and Galan this Friday.

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