This week at A1 Padel Chile Open, the pair formed at the start of the season Allemandi / Pereyra had a high quality tournament, with a victory against the numbers 1 in the semi-final and a narrow defeat against undefeated number 2 in the final.

If this tandem, which has never lost before the last four of a tournament, works so well, it is because it skilfully combines the incredible experience of “Tito” and the enthusiasm of “Rama”. But when we know the temperament of the native of Neuquen, we know that things can change very quickly. We were able to see him in Chile, but fortunately, the Argentinian was able to count on the help of coach Zeus Sanchez when changing sides to get his temperature back down.

The Andalusian technician first told his two players that he did not want to hear them during the entire timeout. He put the blame on an annoyed Allemandi after his partner by reminding him that he too had missed a return, then asked both men to stop their nonsense and just play. A very simple speech which worked perfectly since behind the two players calmed down and came to their senses. So more than the words themselves, it is often the tone and the way of presenting the arguments that hit the mark.

A nice scene that you can watch again here. And you, would you also like your coach to take charge when you or your teammate starts to feel a little too hot?

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