Your media coverage by Padel Magazine

Padel Magazine proposes to Partner clubs only exclusive offers regarding media coverage of your events. The rates represent up to 10% of their true value. For any clarification, do not hesitate to contact us:

1 / Why media coverage?

  • The image of your event
  • Highlight your club
  • Highlighting your partners
  • Professional services up to -80% for classic offers.
  • A service in addition to your competitors
  • Enjoy the 1st media padel in your language
  • Active social networks from Padel Magazine

2 / How does it work?

We offer our sponsored LIVE (very reduced price for our partners) and our classic offers.

We offer 3 club packs during our media coverage.

  • Clubs can not use more than 2 times a year our media coverage (depending on availability of Padel Magazine).
  • The club must specify the choice of its pack to allow Padel Magazine to come with the appropriate equipment.

The sponsored offer

There are 2 sponsored offers with or without travel.

The sponsored offer allows you to pay much less for the service. In return, we integrate, with your partners, ours.

Without displacement

This offer allows you to produce a LIVE version of the event and advertise your event at a lower cost.

    • The LIVE includes

  • a commentator
  • livescore
  • an advertising management (PM advertisers + sponsors of the organizer)
  • integration at the request of the organizer (logos, etc.)
    • Advertise your event

Padel Magazine will try, based on the information received by the club, to feed and communicate about your event such as media coverage.

Our need : 

Receive a feed from your phone. A short training session of 10 minutes will be enough. There is then nothing more to do for the club. We manage everything remotely! 🙂

You need to :

A tripod, a phone, a phone holder, internet network (4G, 5G, fiber optic), an external charger if the phone is not powered by an electrical outlet.


  • 1 day: €350 excl. tax (Sunday package) 
    • Saturday 1/4 + Sunday 1/2 and final: €400 excl. tax
  • 2 days: €550 excl. VAT (Saturday and Sunday package)
  • Friday to Sunday: €650 excluding tax

+50€ / day if the tournament offers the 2 categories (ladies and gentlemen)

Includes: includes commentator, livescorer, ad management and content integration.

With displacement

If the price for the organizer is particularly low, Padel Magazine puts its own advertisers in its live.

    • The LIVE offer + media coverage

This is the MUST - for our partners, with at a very low price, the live of your central track which includes:

  1. a commentator
  2. Interviews during the live
  3. livescore
  4. an advertising management (PM advertisers + sponsors of the organizer)
  5. a cam (sometimes 2)
  6. integration at the request of the organizer (logos, etc.)

This is the LIVE offer + a photo / interview / return coverage Padel Magazine :

Price: €650 excluding tax / day – Excluding technical costs / excluding charges (transport, etc.)

+50€ / day if the tournament offers the 2 categories (ladies and gentlemen)

Unsponsored offers

    • Pack 1: Media coverage

Padel Magazine does not move. This is a formula that includes:

Media coverage:

Padel Magazine updates tournament information in partnership with the tournament organizer and referee.

The club takes care of sending us:

  • A press release before the start of the tournament
  • the tables if possible updated for each round.
  • The main information during the event
  • Visuals related to the event
  • A press release after the tournament with the summary.

Help with replay

Padel Magazine will not carry out the production / realization of the tournament on site. On the other hand, he will attend the replay of the pages on the youtube page Padel Magazine.

to know :

  • Padel Magazine takes care of retrieving the flow sent by the club
  • Padel Magazine takes care of launching the live in agreement with the organization
  • Padel Magazine end the live

WebRTC management option: +20€ / hour / ht

This option allows you to have a remote director, integrate a livescore, advertising and very simply dress up the live.

RTMP management option: +65€ / HOUR / ht 

Padel Magazine is able to receive live signals on a control room and use a system with several cameras.

For more info, contact us.

Price: €250 excl. tax / day

    • Pack 2: the “Classic”

The formula starts at 900 HT / HC (transport, hotels, food costs, etc.) / day

This is a complete offer that allows you to integrate: media coverage, streaming, photo coverage, videos (interviews, rushes, etc.)

*** Media coverage opens up the possibility of doing:

  • Media coverage - Posts - Articles
  • Live streaming: 1 to 2 fixed cameras in 720p
  • Interviews with players / partners / sponsors (up to 2 / day)
  • Photo book: Professional photos of the competitors during the competition (20 photos / day).

The offer is however adaptable. The organizer will set the objectives.


  • Commentator: ask us
  • Scorer: ask us

Price: €900 excl. tax / day – Excluding technical costs / excluding charges (transport, etc.)

    • Pack 3: the “Premium” from 1.300 € HT / HC / day

This pack includes Pack 2 with additional services and integrated options. Clubs can also integrate their partners into all communication (including live) media coverage, with the possibility of setting up interviews / video clips, etc. (Contact us)

*** Media coverage includes:

  • Media coverage - Posts - Articles - Social networks - Day update
  • Live streaming: 2 to 3 fixed cameras in 720p – Control / Switch images / Live Score (if the organization provides a person to complete the score) — Possibility of advertising management (Option) — Setting up of 1 to 2 commentator microphones (If the organization provides the commentators)
  • Interviews with players / partners / sponsors (to be defined)
  • Photo book: Professional photos of the competitors during the competition (Up to 50 photos / day). Possibility for the club to use source files for their posters and communications ...


  • Commentator: included
  • Scorer: to see
    • Pack 5: The VIP offer

*** Media coverage may include:

  • Media coverage - Posts - Articles - Social networks - Day point - Point Heure
  • Live streaming: Up to 5 fixed or mobile cameras in 720p or full HD - Dedicated manager - Switch images - Live Score - Possibility of advertising management - Graphics - Custom editing
  • Book photos: Professional photos on the competition
  • Platform Interview
  • Customized video clip / Drone / Multiplans

We also offer a Premium Media / Communication service in partnership with the newspaper GRAND CHELEM and WELOVETENNIS.FR.

Accommodation / transport costs and related costs (meals, etc.) are the responsibility of the organization.

For the trip, we base ourselves on the carrier rates in effect on the day the ticket is purchased (Trains / Planes, others).

=> Technical costs

The organizer must provide a fixed price of 120€ excluding tax to 160€ / day corresponding to non-integrated costs (technical costs, streaming, LTE network available, depreciation of the equipment used, rental of part of the professional equipment, etc.)


  • Invoicing and payment are made within 10 days of the event.
  • A supplement can be added to the event if there are modifications / adaptations linked to the organization
  • The quality of the offers also depends on the help provided by the organizers on site (space reserved for the management, quality of the internet signal, help with the scoring part, comments if the option is not taken, etc.)


If you are not PM partners and / or you are an organizer outside the padel, we offer complete services for your events:

Price: From €650 excluding tax / person / day

We could suggest :

  • Professional photos
  • Video clips
  • Live streaming

We can adapt our services according to your requests, so do not hesitate to consult us.

Video Services / Photos

Padel Magazine also offers a wide variety of video clips, interviews, and photo books. Contact us for a quote.

Here are some clips and others made in tennis, the padel, kitchen 😉 or car pub:

A question ? Do not hesitate to contact us: contact

more info:

Video Services / Photos