The landscape of World Padel Tour will change a lot in 2021, as many new pairs will emerge. Here is what we know.

At men's

What should be remembered is that for the moment, among the best, among the pairs who started 2020 together, alone Galan / Lebron, Chingotto / Tello and Botello / Ruiz, seem parties to continue the adventure in 2021. 3 pairs to which we must add Mati Diaz / Silingo, a pair formed at the end of the season and who seems to want to continue the adventure next season.

Everything else changes. In addition to Bela / Sanyo, Lima / Tapia, Navarro / Di Nenno, Sanchez / Allemandi, Stupaczuk / Ruiz, Coello / Lamperti, Analysts Padel confirms two new associations that we had already mentioned: Juan Martin Diaz / Coki Nieto, and Momo Gonzalez / Javi Rico.

As expected also, Lucas Campagnolo and Lucas Bergamini to get back together in 2021 after a year of break! All these new pairs, and the fact that Agustin Tapia changes sides, therefore leave for the moment two left players without a partner: Pablo Lijo and Ivan Ramirez. The situation should settle quickly for them.

In the ladies

Big upheaval also among the ladies, but for the moment less information has leaked. We know that the Top 15 pairs will move a lot, so we would have Triay / Salazar, Sanchez / Josemaria, Gonzalez / Sainz, Araujo / Amatriain, and Llaguno / Riera.

For the following players, several announcements of separation, but no new pairs yet. The landscape in the main paintings will in any case change a lot., as in boys. Indeed, the recorded separations of Brea / Nogueira, Galan / Iglesias, Icardo / Hernandez, Castello / Cortiles, or even Collombon / Traviesa will give rise to brand new associations! To be continued


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