Follow the finals of the first tournament of the World Padel Tour of the season, the Abu Dhabi Master, from 13 p.m. on Canal Plus Sport 00 this Sunday.

Among the girls, it's classic, with the "Classic” between the two best pairs on the circuit: Salazar/Triay on one side, Josemaria/Sanchez on the other. Last season, the number 1 had won in Miami in the first tournament of the season and had won a total of 10 of their 14 finals against their great rivals. Will the dynamic continue this Sunday?

We will then continue with the men's final, which also opposes the seeds 1 and 2, but which is an unprecedented match between the numbers 1 Lebron and Galan, and the brand new pair Coello / Tapia. Associated to break the hegemony of the players of Mariano Amat, Arturo and Agustin can they win their first clash with the Spaniards?

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