It was in the pipes for a few days, the information was confirmed by Franco Stupaczuk on Instagram : the Superpibes are conspicuously absent from the Malaga Open.

In addition to the spectacular victory of the Superpibas in the final, this is the other striking image of Madrid P1: Franco Stupaczuk's injury. At Madrid Madrid, when going off the track on a Par 3 by Gonzalez, the Argentinian tripped over a billboard and suffered a heavy fall.

Sadly, the Argentinian is too fair to start the competition :

"I'm already at home resting after the accident against the billboards on a runway exit".

"I have a few superficial wounds as everyone has seen. Jalready have a splint covering my left wrist where i suffered direct trauma"

"I won't be able to be in Malaga but I will try to recover to play in Mendoza."

Forced but deserved rest for the Superpibes who have been struggling in recent weeks. After their hat-trick (Toulouse, Valladolid, Valence), Carlos Pozzoni's players looked exhausted, a consequence, no doubt, of the large number of tournaments this season.

Physically Worn Stupa Di Nenno

Note: this is the first tournament that the Superpibes will miss.

Direct consequence of this package, Lebron and Galan become seeded No. 2 of the tournament. Below is the new tournament table :

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