But what a game!

It is after more than 3 h 30 of pure spectacle that Delfina Brea and Beatriz González win this Madrid P1 2023 facing Paula Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez. We expected a duel at the top between the queens of the circuit and the Superpibas and that's what we had this afternoon in the Spanish capital.

The numbers 1, who hoped to win the decima and forget the defeat in Rome, failed to seize their chance at the right time. Throwback to a totally crazy meeting.

Paula and Ari unquestionably the queens

The start of the match is intense and serious on both sides. Each of the pairs holds its service game and imposes its rhythm. Paula and Ari push more on the serve of their opponents, but fail to create break chances and come up against solid Superpibas defensively.

Well in place, Jorge Martinez's players are the first to create break opportunities. The Spanish-Argentinian pair show variation in their game and manage to destabilize the queens of the circuit. The latter show exceptional tenacity in resisting the onslaught of the Superpibas. It's Bea and Delfi's turn to put themselves in danger. After a slight slump, the two players are forced to save a break point to avoid letting the numbers 1 slip away in this first round. Gradually, Claudio Gilardoni's players imposed their rhythm. At 5/5, the Spaniards go up a gear and seize the game of Bea and Delfi. The queens of the circuit knew how to make the difference in this first hung set and take an option on the final: 7/5

Jorge Martinez's players are no longer there at all. Heads down, faces closed, Bea and Delfi are disgusted by the level of play of the numbers 1. In Madrid, Paula and Ari rule the roost and win this first set 7/5.

MADRID SPAIN JULY 22 Madrid Premier Padel 2023 at Madrid Arena on July 22 2023 in Madrid Spain Photo by Silvestre SzpylmaQuality Sport ImagesMadrid Premier Padel

An incredible comeback

The Josemaria / Sanchez threat hangs over the center of Madrid. The Superpibas took a hit on the head in this first round. Frustrated by missed opportunities, the two players are struggling to regain their level of play and are broken from the start. This second period begins in the worst possible way for the Hispano-Argentinian pair which continues to suffer the Spanish lightning and fails to find the fault. The numbers 1 put rhythm in their game and dictate their law. Very quickly, they take off, leading 4/1, knocking out their opponents a little more.

But total rebound in Madrid.

Indeed, against all odds, the Superpibas are back in the game. Remotivated, Bea and Delfi impress with their mental strength. They offer a more solid game, and benefit, it is true, from a few absences from Paula and Ari which will be very expensive.

Gradually, they pick up the score, resetting the counters to zero (4/4). In full confidence, the two nuggets will even regain the advantage. But it won't last long, because number 1s are tough and don't want to be walked on so easily. This second period will therefore end in the tie-break with more than palpable tension in the stands.

After a few minutes, the shock duo Gonzalez / Brea won 7/6 (3) this second round, offering the public who had come en masse an additional set.

A suffocating end to the game

Stung, the world numbers 1 begin this first set like the previous one, aggressively and decisively, but they still fail to make the break. The pair Brea / Gonzalez sticks closely to the two Spaniards, who do not intend to make the same mistake again after a second set loss which seemed to have been won over to their cause.

The four players are neck and neck during all of the 10 games already played and have decided to go blow for blow (5/5). It is a real shock of the titans that the people of Madrid present in the stands experience. The quartet present on the track showed unfailing determination and concentration, leading them once again to decide between themselves during a second tie-break.

And it is after an unbearable suspense, 4 match points saved, an unreal match point gift from Paula in the tie-break of the last round, a Bea who achieves a PAR 3 from elsewhere, and more than 3 h 20 of play that Delfina Brea and Beatriz Gonzalez end up winning this title.

"I don't know how we won this game"

Here are some words from the winners of P1 Madrid who say a lot about this match.

Delfi: “Bea, crazy courage to put it mildly”

Bea: “We went through all the emotions. This match, we won it with heart. I don't know how we won this game."

The final of regrets for Ari and Paula who will have to digest a defeat that hurts.

Final score: 5/7 - 7/6 - 7/6

Now, place in the men's final which opposes Paquito Navarro / Federico Chingotto to the steamroller Arturo Coello -/ Agustin Tapia

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