Discover in video the best of World Padel Tour Malmö Open, with the men's Top 3 and the women's Top 3. Wholesale stitches in the program !


Among the women we find each time the pair who won the competition: Brea / Gonzalez. THE Superpibas demonstrate their current excellent level of play. If they lose the first point of this Best of, they make up for it in the next two with some great shots.


Among the men, it's more diverse. We find the little surprises of this tournament, Bergamini / Ruiz, Gutierrez / Gutierrez and Arroyo / Alonso but also the big winners Lebron and Galan, as well as the numbers 1 Coello and Tapia, as well as their runners-up Stupa and Di Nenno. A crazy casting, for very high class points!

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