We were hoping for a shock in the quarter-finals of the WPT Marbella Master between the pairs Di Nenno / Stupa and Bela / Yanguas but it did not take place.

Indeed, the Superpibes were much too strong for their opponents this Friday. They offer themselves a convincing victory (6/2 6/1) and once again join the last four. Tomorrow they will find the winners of the match between Arroyo/Rubio and Gonzalez/Gutiérrez.

Federico Chingotto and Paquito Navarro also knew how to be very solid to dispose of the temporary pair formed by Ale Galan and Jon Sanz. Fede and Paco win 6/2 6/1 and keep their strength for the big fight that could await them against Coello and Tapia.

Don't miss the sequel men's quarter-finals !

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