Watch the quarter-finals live World Padel Tour Marbella Master, with new posters for the ladies.

If among the men, the top seeds were intractable yesterday, among the women, there was several surprises and these are new matches that we will see this Friday.

Here is the match schedule World Padel Tour TV :

  • Llaguno/Riera vs Brea/Icardo: 09:30
  • Josemaria/Sanchez vs Mesa/Jensen: to be continued
  • Chingotto/Tello vs Lima/Stupaczuk: to be continued
  • Di Nenno/Navarro vs. Gonzalez/Ruiz: 16:00 p.m.
  • Gutiérrez/Tapia vs Capra/Sanchez: to be continued
  • Lebron/Galan vs Belasteguin/Coello: to be continued

Not broadcast: Marrero/Sainz vs Las Heras/Virseda and Osoro/Iglesias vs Araujo/Talavan

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