A few days after Gemma Triay, it's Alex Ruiz's turn to talk about his start to the season, his injury and the pairing changes initiated by Lebron and Galan which resulted in him finding Momo Gonzalez.

The injury

Since the Qatar Major, Alex Ruiz has been resting following bone edema in his pubis. An injury that increased his frustration and his desire to play tenfold: “I am recovering 100% whereas at the beginning I did not see myself returning four weeks after my injury. I experienced a lot of very frustrating things during these three weeks, but I also gained more enthusiasm and I now look forward to being on the field."

Possible improvements on Premier Padel ?

Le Captain America du padel also spoke about what the merger between Premier Padel et World Padel Tour proposed on the first tournaments of the season: “I think there are a lot of things to improve [...] we saw a lot of things that weren't done well for the player, even just the simple fact that the conditions changed completely from day to day playing sometimes in the morning, sometimes after- noon and sometimes in the evening."

"I think that the more we promote the conditions which allow the players to produce a spectacle, the more the spectator will appreciate the padel."

His return alongside Momo Gonzalez

The avalanche of separations of the pairs initiated by Lebron and Galan pushed Juan Tello to join forces with Fernando Belasteguin. With the partnership between Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto, Momo Gonzalez was available to reform his explosive duo with Alex Ruiz: “I think we had a great connection with Juan (Tello), there is something that characterizes us in the spectacular side. We have gained a lot from our association and I am very proud of it."

“I went for Momo because I wanted to rediscover the joy and passion I had on the pitch. I’m really looking forward to being with him, improving our game, and doing better than we’ve been able to do before.”

After a complicated start to 2024, Alex Ruiz will make his return to the P2 track in Brussels where the chance of the draw placed his new ex-partner, Juan Tello, opposite him in the first round. The two men, respectively associated with Momo Gonzalez and Miguel Semmler, will face each other tomorrow.

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