Thunderclap on the Premier Padel Lotto Brussels P2: Fernando Belasteguin has withdrawn from the competition…

The premiere of the Belasteguin / Tello duo will wait. Indeed, for a reason still unknown, the native of Pehuajo, who was to make his debut with his new teammate in Belgium, was finally forced to withdraw. We hope for Bela that it is not his elbow that is causing the problem again and that he will be back on the slopes very soon.

Anyway, in the absence of the “Boss”, Juan Tello will play with Miguel Semmler, who was not registered for the competition. THE Premier Padel appears more flexible than the World Padel Tour which did not authorize the recomposition of pairs once the registrations were validated... If “El Gato” will necessarily be disappointed to have to postpone his big premiere with his compatriot, he will still be able to console himself by telling himself that he at least has the chance to participate in the tournament.

The Tello / Semmler duo finds themselves number 10 pair, instead of 5 for Bela / Tello, which suits Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto, who now form the 8 seed.

If it will not be possible to see Bela and Tello together in Belgium, there will still be very interesting things to follow in Brussels, with many new pairs who will make their debut at Tour&Taxis!

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