This Thursday begins World Padel Tour Final Master 2023, the eleventh and last in history. And two players, currently tied for the number of victories, will aim for the absolute record.

These two players are Sanyo Gutiérrez and Ale Galan. Both men won three titles each, as did Maxi Sanchez, Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima. But as these three players are not participating in the tournament, only Sanyo and Ale can aim for the fourth victory.

We prefer to tell you right away, it's hard to imagine Sanyo and Yanguas, who will play their first competition together, leaving with the title.

On the other hand, a success for Lebron and Galan, who won the competition last year and who seem at the top of their form, seems entirely plausible. Will the Spanish succeed? Note that if successful, Lebron will join the group of players with three Master Final crowns.

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