The last Master Final of World Padel Tour is being played this week in Barcelona. Hostilities begin Thursday at Palau Sant Jordi.

One day before the start of the competition, the circuit has communicated the names of the players who will be present. Here are the lists.


  1. Coello / Tapia
  2. Stupaczuk / Di Nenno
  3. Lebron / Galan
  4. Navarro / Chingotto
  5. Ruiz/Tello
  6. Garrido / Gonzalez
  7. Gutiérrez / Yanguas
  8. Nieto / Sanz

The only pair created for the occasion is that composed of Miguel Yanguas and Sanyo Gutiérrez. Supposed to evolve on the left, will El Mago find a little motivation for the last tournament of 2023?

It could be that this competition will be the last played by Lebron and Galan, who, despite a particularly successful end to the season, could no longer play on the same side of the track in 2024. We will closely follow what will perhaps be the last tournament of this already legendary association.


  1. Josemaria / Sanchez
  2. Ortega / Triay
  3. Brea / Gonzalez
  4. Araujo / Salazar
  5. Icardo / Riera
  6. Jensen / Virseda
  7. Castello / Osoro
  8. Mapi Alayeto / Sainz

Here again, only one pair formed for the tournament: Mapi Alayeto / Lucia Sainz. We will obviously follow this duo of right-wing players with attention, who will try to ensure that the last professional competition played by an Alayeto is a success.

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