As with girls, the top seeds suffer in this World Padel Tour Mexico Open for men.

It's the end of the season, and it's starting to take its toll on many top-of-the-table pairs. If the two duos who are in the fight to finish the season in first place are doing well for the moment in Mexico, this is not the case for those who follow them in the ranking.

Indeed, the pairs Navarro / Chingotto (TS3), Ruiz / Tello (TS4), Nieto / Sanz (TS6), Gutierrez / Gutierrez (TS7) and Fernandez / Rubio (TS8) have all already left!

You have understood, only three seeded pairs will play in the quarter-finals this Friday: Coello / Tapia and Stupa / Di Nenno, as well as Gonzalez / Garrido (TS5). There are thus a slew of outsiders, starting with those who often bring down favorite pairs, Bergamini and Victor Ruiz. We also find the young Alonso / Arroyo and Libaak / Augsburger, who continue well after Malmö or the very surprising Guerrero and Zapata. For their part, Cardona and Javi Ruiz confirm the good impressions left in Finland.

You have understood, it is a wind of freshness that is blowing on the padel professional. Let's see today if the quarters have any other surprises in store for us!

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