The Barcelona Master Final is fast approaching and it's time for us to take stock of the most successful players during this famous “masters tournament”.

We already know, this Barcelona Master Final will be historic, for many reasons. First of all, because it is of the last tournament of World Padel Tour, acquired by Premier Padel. On the other hand because during this edition, there will be no neither Maxi Sanchez nor Fernando Belasteguin, nor one of the Alayeto twins...

Absences that are all the more striking, as they concern certain of the most successful players in the history of World Padel Tour Final Master. A quick overview of the other stars of the padel the most successful during the end of year tournament!

Alejandra Salazar, well ahead

Among the women, one player is well ahead and it is...Alejandra Salazar. With 5 titles in total, she will remain whatever happens the player with the most victories, ahead of the Alayeto twins, runners-up in this ranking with three titles.

In continuity, we find with two titles Gemma Triay, Ariana Sanchez and Marta Marrerothen Lucia Sainz, Paula Josemaria and Iciar Montes with a title.


Several players at the top of the rankings

For men, on the other hand, there are no great leaders. Several players occupy the top of the rankings: Fernando Belasteguin, Sanyo Gutiérrez, Maxi Sanchez, Pablo Lima and Ale Galan. The five players were three times titled at the Master Final.

Behind, we find all alone Juan lebron, with two coronations. Then Paquito Navarro, Juan-Martin Diaz and Agustin Tapia who bring up the rear with a victory.

In the end, two players will be “in the race” to become the most successful player in history: Sanyo Gutiérrez and Alejandro Galan. One last Master Final for some last thrills. And a real opportunity for Galan and Gutiérrez to shine at the top of the elite. Or for example for Tapia to return to Lebron’s level…


As a reminder, the Barcelona Master Final will take place from 14 at 17 december. It will conclude this very long season. One last dance for the players on the World Padel Tour !

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Gwenaelle Souyri

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