The pairs Franco Stupaczuk / Martín Di Nenno and Fede Chingotto / Paquito Navarro faced each other this Saturday, May 27 at 17:30 p.m. in the second semi-final of Boss Vienna Padel Open 2023.

A semi-final on the agenda

The start of the match was very tight with a very solid Spanish-Argentinian pair in defense and big risk-taking from a very aggressive Chingotto, which unfortunately gave way to a few technical errors which benefited Carlos Pozzoni's man. The seeded 2 is still well held in check during the first games of the first set (3-3). The break is made in the 4th game by Chingotto and Navarro who take the lead (4-3). The Spaniard defends and organizes the game perfectly thanks in particular to an almost irreproachable quality of lob. Gaby Reca's players logically won the first set after 49 minutes on a masterclass by Paquito Navarro.

A reversal of the course of the match?

The Argentine pair, powerless in the first set, do not want to stop there. Indeed, Martin and “Stupa” want to do battle and reverse the trend to win this match. Touched in their pride, they achieve a perfect second run by making no mistakes and precisely pushing their opponents to make mistakes. Very fast, this second set was won in 30 minutes by the Argentinians with a shutout leaving no crumbs for their opponents. Helpless, Chingotto and Navarro concede a 6-0 and must absolutely regain control of the game if they want to go forward again and qualify for the final.

Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno too strong!

The "Argentinian steamroller" continues its demonstration at the start of the third set by crushing the Hispano-Argentinian pair and making only 7 unforced errors in 9 games. Mentally, Fede Chingotto and Paquito Navarro are no longer there and are letting victory slip away more and more. They can no longer destabilize their rivals as they did at the start of the match. Helpless, they only scored one game in the last two sets.

It was therefore unsurprisingly the Argentinians who won (4-6, 6-0, 6-1) in a two-sided match: very close in the first set and one-sided in the next two sets.

Martin and “Stupa” will meet the Coello/Tapia duo for their 6th final. This is also the only pair to have beaten the numbers 2 this season, it was during the Premier Padel Qatar Major.

See you tomorrow from 11 a.m. on the Canal group antennas for the ladies' and men's finals.

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