A small controversy arose following a point of the sixteenth final of the World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi Master opposing Gil/Moyano to Lebron/Galan. You can view the point in question HERE.

After a dormilona, ​​Juan Lebron came off the track carried away by his momentum, so Ramiro Moyano shot the Spaniard, thinking he was going to win the point. This blow which would have offered the point to the pair Moyano / Gil last year, gave it to Lebron and Galan. Indeed, the rule has changed this season as explained to us the essential Manu Martin.

In other words, by shooting on a player who is outside the track, and who is not in the axis of the door, we lose the point. A rule that WPT players must know to avoid losing points and getting stupidly frustrated. Indeed, not aware of the new regulations, Xisco Gil was convinced that the referee was making a mistake!

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