Back from Paraguay, where they obtained a fifth place with the French junior team, Timéo Fonteny and Yoan Boronad were in Bourg-en-Bresse for the FIP Rise.

Beaten 6/1 6/4 in the first round by Mario Huete and Federico Mouriño, the future tournament winners, the French pair who benefited from a wild-card returned to our microphone on her match and fifth place in Paraguay. Excerpts.

"We are here for that !"

Yoan Boronad : “I am very happy to have played this match. We come to tournaments like this to face players who are much stronger than us. In this type of match, we really see our areas of progress and it makes you want to go and train a lot more to find these guys.”

“Yannick has been with us on the chair for three or four months and things are going very well. We get along very well, it helps us a lot in post-match debriefings to know what we need to work on. We also have Alain Henry who watches all our matches on video and who does a crazy job. But overall, it helps a lot to have someone on the bench, even in matches like this, so you don't get discouraged. We take 1 and 4, it’s hard, but these are matches that we want to play, that’s what we’re here for.”

Should we play more on Mouriño than on Huete?

Yoan Boronad : “At the first, we only did lobs in the center, and we only took pots on bajadas by Mario Huete. He really has a bajada crazy, he gave us ten winning points I think on this one in the first set. And in the second, we lobbed more into the corners, and as a result, we were able to take the net a lot more, it was much better.”

Timeo Fonteny : “In training, we often work with Ludo Cancel, who plays on the left. So Yoan plays a lot in parallel and I play diagonally, and when we get to the matches we have a lot of difficulty playing in Yoan’s diagonal.”

5th place for the French junior boys team in Paraguay

Yoan Boronad : “We came out first in the group, which we had never done before in three years, even at the European Championships. We played very well against Italy, our u14s won an exceptional match and we won the decisive match. Behind, we play Sweden where we were supposed to be stronger in u14, but we lose, we win in u16 and we lose in u18, but we knew that this match would be very complicated. Sweden goes to the final behind… We could have done better, but that’s how it is, we are all proud of our team, we all gave our all, we are still very happy with fifth place.”

The Open draw…

Timeo Fonteny : “We are a little disappointed to have taken this pair in the first round. It was our goal to play them in this tournament, so we were still happy to face them. We lose 6/3 6/4 we would have liked to do better, they were better, but we hope to come back stronger for the next few years.”

A separation one day?

Yoan Boronad : “Even if Bela calls me, I will stay with Timéo! (laughs)”

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