At 28 years old, Lorie Pelan embodies a remarkable source of inspiration in the world of padel. Ranked 43e French, Lorie is not an ordinary player.

What particularly sets Lorie apart is her ability to overcome challenges. Born with hand agenesis, she never let her disability define her limits or slow down her passion for sport.

Beginning and passion for Tennis

Lorie's love for tennis began at a young age. At just 5 years old, she was already holding her first racket. This early passion for tennis has strengthened, leading it to become tennis teacher in 2019 at the prestigious Saint-Mandrier tennis club. Despite his handicap, Lorie has always approached tennis with determination.

In 2015, a transplant marked a turning point in his life, allowing it to continue its activities with new independence. Even after a terrible accident in March 2023, Lorie chose to Do not abandon.

Turning point in his career

In March 2023, Lorie Pelan's life took a turn unexpected turn. While intervening to break up a fight, Lorie suffered a severe trauma, leading to the loss of function in his right hand. This tragic event not only ended his tennis career, but also posed a major challenge to his sporting passion.

However, Lorie refused to let this obstacle get in her way. It is with this in mind that she turned towards the padel. This sport allowed him to continue to nourish his passion for competition and the game.

Lorie Pelan

Ascent in the Padel

Lorie's adaptation to padel was remarkable. In a short time, she rose to the 43rd in the French ranking. Its objective is ambitious but achievable: reach the Top25 by the end of the year.

In 2024, Lorie is preparing to take on an even bigger challenge by participating in the World Padel Inclusive (WPI), a circuit including 8 international tournaments.

This year marks another important milestone for Lorie with her first participation in the inclusive Padel Tour, alongside his partner Marianne Vandaele, a player ranked in the Top25. This global tournament is unique in its kind, bringing together pairs composed of an able-bodied person and a person with a disability.

Lorie and Marianne planned to participate in 7 tournaments in different countries, including Italy, United Arab Emirates, spain and Kenya.

Commitment to adapted sport

Since 2019, Lorie Pelan has played a key role in the promotion of adapted sport, by establishing a section dedicated to the Saint Mandrier Tennis Club. This initiative, which began as a personal project, quickly grew, bringing together today around thirty members. Lorie’s goal is to promote the inclusion of people with mental disabilities in the world of sport.

In 2024, it sets itself the objective of to extend this initiative beyond the Saint Mandrier Tennis Club, by integrating adapted sport and disability in all sports associations in La Seyne-sur-Mer. Its action plan begins with awareness of teachers and support for the development of this section, still little represented in the region.

Lorie Pelan

Publication of his book

Lorie recently write a book which will be available this week “La Petite Main: How to Sublimate Disability?”. In this book, she shares her personal and sporting journey. Lorie offers perspective on the determination and passion that forged his path in the world of sport, particularly as an athlete with a disability.

Lorie wants her book to reach a wide audience. To make her message accessible to everyone, she plans to transcribe your book in audible format and in braille. Collaborations are underway with the French Adapted Sports Federation (FFSA), the Handisport Federation and other institutions, emphasizing its commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

His upcoming projects

In addition to her sporting ambitions, Lorie has the honor of carry the Olympic flame Paris 2024 during his visit to La Seyne-sur-Mer, alongside sports personalities such as Gaël Fickou. With a busy schedule including participation in various tournaments padel such as P2000 in Nantes, the P1000 in Valenciennes, and the P1500 in Bordeaux, Lorie is determined to make 2024 a successful year.

In his quest to overcome new challenges et continue to inspire others, Lorie invites businesses and people looking for a inspiring ambassador to support her in her journey. She can be contacted by email at or by phone at 06 13 65 02 90.

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