Confirmed the agreement for a new padel center in Paris with 4 Fiberglass + ComfortGlass Padel Courts by NXPadel purchased directly from the municipality.

Paris, recognized throughout the world for its artistic beauty, fashion and iconic architecture, has always proven to be a city in the vanguard, with a great propensity for innovation and new trends, even and especially in the area of sports, and among these cannot miss the one of the moment: padel.

Throughout France, the growth of this sport in recent years has registered staggering numbers, and clubs that decide to expand their sports offerings with padel are growing by leaps and bounds.

Among them is one, owned by the Ville de Paris, that is sure to make waves for its choice of a forward-looking product, considered by industry experts to be the real game-changer in the world of padel courts.

We are talking about the Jules Ladoumègue Sports Center, for which the Ville de Paris has chosen Fiberglass Padel Courts Courts from Italian company NXPadel.

The project, which will be completed by June, was born from the partnership between NXPadel and NGE and involves the construction of 4 padel courts in the N1A model, equipped with the innovative Fiberglass structure and ComfortGlass walls: the first, protected by an International Patent is the trademark of NXPadel and thanks to its unprecedented advantages in terms of maintenance, playability and installation, has allowed it to start a real revolution, unquestionably distinguishing itself in the sector.

The second is a special acrylic compound that makes for the first time 100% indestructible s and safe padel court glass, which will now be able to absorb all kinds of shocks without fragmenting.

Importantly, both of these solutions, have been studied and tested in the laboratory to guarantee the exact same parameters set by the IPF in terms of ball bounce and playability but with the addition of providing new benefits to all stakeholders gravitating around the padel world thanks to innovative materials and the use of the most advanced technologies.

It deserves a mention, that the location of the Jules Ladoumègue Sports Center is nothing short of strategic: it is located in the 19th Arrondissement, just a short walk from Parc de la Villette, one of the largest and most important green areas in Paris, which houses within it several attractions including Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, the largest science museum in Europe; Géode, the famous hemispherical projection room; Cité de la musique, a museum of musical instruments with a concert hall and home to the Conservatoire; and the Zénith, a 6300-seat arena.

In this very area, Club France will also be built, where all French medalists will be celebrated by thousands of fans during the upcoming Olympic Games scheduled for this summer.

From these assumptions, we can say that the Sports Center with its 4 new padel courts will be affected by a huge number of visitors and will give an opportunity to those who have not yet done so to get closer to padel.

And what better way to do that than on NXPadel's future courts?