4PADEL takes its community of players on a journey with LA TOUPIE BLEUE, towards Spain or Tenerife!

4PADEL, the leading network of padel clubs in France with its 18 centers concludes a strategic partnership with the travel operator THE BLUE SPINDLE.

Through this collaboration 4PADEL now has a new quality service in the global padel offer (rental of courts, courses, tournaments, corporate events): go on a trip and play / progress with padel, living a memorable sporting experience!

The sporting practice, beyond the physical expenditure also makes it possible to be carried out, to create bond between sportsmen. Improving your practice, having a good time with partners, friends, enthusiasts, this will now also be possible at a preferential rate thanks to dedicated padel trips offered by LA TOUPIE BLEUE.

Thomas Dulion, national manager of the 4PADEL network, explains that “for 4PADEL this partnership makes it possible to widen the range of offer that we offer to our padel players, and by relying on the expertise of a travel agent we are confident that they will embark on a great adventure… and that they will dream padel! "

A few words from Rémi Collat: “I am delighted to be able to start this beautiful partnership with 4PADEL for enthusiasts of the practice. This collaboration is part of our overall notoriety policy for people who love sports or strong experiences. Padel is a young, attractive sport. Its convivial side for 4 and its playing characteristics based on endurance, precision and the construction of points make it a more accessible sport than tennis in my opinion but which requires concentration, mutual assistance and intelligence of play. improvement in Spain and Tenerife flows with meaning since it allows you to enjoy the best padel in the world today on attractive tourist destinations all year round ”.

About 4 PADEL

4PADEL is the brand dedicated to the practice of padel in France from the LE FIVE Group, European leader in indoor leisure sport. In 2020, the network will include 18 clubs for 75 padel lessons, spread over French territory. The ambition of 4PADEL is to become the leader in the practice of padel in Europe with an offer of around 100 padel lessons by 2021.


Created in 2017 on the French Riviera, La Toupie Bleue is the first French travel agency which offers padel courses in France, Spain and Tenerife. Specializing in controlled sports stays for professionals and individuals, the company allows sportspeople to practice their passion while traveling or the general public to discover a destination through the sporting lens. The company's solutions are offered in known regions where the company itself provides its services and therefore welcomes travelers. Leaving with La Toupie Bleue is “an impulse to a sports trip” but above all the assurance of enjoying a unique turnkey stay.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.