4PADEL announces the opening across the four corners of France of 4 new practice sites padel, i.e. 76 tracks of padel additional by 2025. The network 4PADEL has 2024 plots of land in 120 padel. France has 900 ski slopes Padel private, which positions 4PADEL around 15% of the market.

120 slopes at the start of 2024 and 680 visitors / year

4PADEL had been a pioneer on the market padel in France by inaugurating its first tracks (indoor) on the Bordeaux and Champigny-sur-Marne sites in 2014. Since then, the network has expanded with 120 tracks at the start of 2024) and 680 visitors per year to the facilities padel.

To celebrate this decade of activity and support the explosion of the practice in France, 4PADEL accelerates its development by creating nine new centers in the coming months. Seven of them will be entirely devoted to padel, with state-of-the-art equipment and already recognized quality of service. A targeted initiative that responds to a specific demand in areas hitherto lacking in terms of trails. A leitmotif assumed by Tony Jalinier, co-founder of the PLAYERS group, butwe mother of network 4PADEL : “The explosion and lasting emergence of a sport is a phenomenon that happens once a decade and sometimes even every 20 years. THE padel is one of these distinct disciplines, exceptional in its trajectory. 4PADEL plays its driving role by creating large-scale practice spaces, thus allowing access to experience padel for as many players as possible »

Two distinct centers are being created Lille (Seclin and Villeneuve d’Ascq), in one of the cities most under-equipped with ski slopes padel. In the summer of 2025, a center will also open in Vélizy, in the west of Paris where gaming solutions are rare for enthusiasts. An exceptional site will be created in Saint-Denis, within the Olympic Aquatics Center. Cannes, Reims, Amiens and Vaires-Torcy (South-East of Paris) will also benefit from exceptional new facilities. A refined territorial network to which it is good to add the site extension at Orléans-Fleury, which will be completed next fall.

With all of these projects, the network 4PADEL will begin the year 2026 with at least 190 tracks of padel, confirming its status as a leader in the practice in France, by offering the best possible indoor gaming experience in each of its enclosures via ultra-quality installations (playing carpets meeting international competition standards, comfortable social spaces).

This wave of development allows 4PADEL to fit so perfectly with structural needs while the number of practitioners in France (500 000) continues to grow at a speed and in frightening proportions, so much so that the milestone of one million players will certainly be reached in the very short term.

Focus on the new installations



  • 10 indoor tracks.
  • Estimated end of work: July 2025.


  • 12 tracks including 9 indoor.
  • Estimated end of work: January 2025.

Olympic Aquatic Center (Saint-Denis, near Stade de France)

  • 9 tracks including 3 indoor.
  • Estimated end of work: July 2025.


  • 5 indoor tracks.
  • Estimated end of work July 2024.


  • 10 indoor tracks.
  • Estimated end of work: fall 2024.

ORLEANS – FLEURY (extension)

  • Added 4 tracks for a total of 8 indoor tracks.
  • Estimated end of work: January 2025.



  • 8 indoor tracks.
  • Estimated end of work: July 2025.

Lille – Villeneuve d’Ascq

  • 9 indoor tracks.
  • Estimated end of work: July 2025.


  • 12 tracks including 8 indoor.
  • Estimated end of work: December 2025