It's a small step for sport, but a big step for padel đŸ€©

4PADEL Strasbourg is making a comeback, starting tomorrow Wednesday 02/06 from 12 noon! đŸŽŸđŸ”„

Small overview of the hygiene and sanitary standards implemented đŸ˜·

📝 Sign the discharge to be able to enter the field (
👏 Compulsory hand disinfection on entry and exit
⛔ No access to changing rooms and showers
❌ Rental of snowshoes prohibited
đŸŽŸ Marking your own balls for the match
🔁 No side change during the match
đŸ˜· Wearing a mask recommended before and after the session

For more information or reservations, you can send us a short message or call us on 📞

Book online: đŸ“Č


Vincent discovered the padel ten years ago, only devoted himself to it after too many “firsts” in tennis tournaments. Lover of sport in general and despite his lack of talent for the Bandeja, this Norman expatriate in Alsace will try to make you live the news of Padel in the “Grand Est”. Judge referee what's more, the tournament news should be quite rich!