Nox welcomes a new player to its family in the person of Helena Wyckaert, 98th player in the world and number one in Belgium.

The native of Wilrijk near Antwerp is now part of the list of national leaders within Nox, like Victoria Kurz in Germany, Tia Norton and Louie Harris in Great Britain as well as Sten Richters in the Netherlands.

Alfonso Bastida, marketing director of Nox, said about this signing: “We are happy to have added Helena to our growing squad of players. With this signing we continue to strengthen the positioning of the brand at an international level, betting on a country that in recent years has experienced strong growth in the world of padel."

The Belgian player declared that she intends to take advantage of this association to climb the rankings, integrate the final tables in Premier Padel and maintain its rank at the national level.

Right-wing player, Helena Wyckaert decided to play with the AT10 Luxury GENIUS 12K 2024, the stiffest racket in Nox's 2024 collection which is focused on control.