It was a real hurricane that passed through Milan this Thursday: Ale Galan and Juan Lebron only spent 44 minutes on the track against Rubio / Fernandez.

Not disturbed by separation rumors, Lebron and Galan play their best padel in Lombardy. As proof, their round of 6 ended with a 1/6 1/45 in less than XNUMX minutes of play... Javi Rico and Rafa Mendez, who must face them tomorrow, can already tremble.

Generally speaking, we notice that there are many corrections in this tournament. Indeed, there have already been five 6/0s since the start of the round of 6, and it may not be over yet! The prize goes to Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez who passed a 0/6 0/1 in Clasca / Piltcher. Number 6 Josemaria and Sanchez did almost as well against a much stronger pair, Talavan / Rodriguez (0/6 1/XNUMX)!

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