Franco Stupaczuk (7) and Martin Di Nenno (5) played at an exceptional level: Di Nenno led the pair brilliantly, while Stupaczuk was incredible in both defense and attack. They managed to destabilize Tapia and Coello, a fact rarely observed in 2023. Victory for Stupa / Di Nenno in 2 sets 6/4 6/4.

World number 1s too absent

The match started very intensely for Stupaczuk/Di Nenno, with Coello taking time to get into the game and Tapia below his usual level.

In terms of statistics, we will remember the nine break points obtained by the world number 1s in the first set, but only one converted: insufficient to win at this level, where the slightest error is fatal.

Coello and Tapia certainly remain number 1, but this victory is crucial for Stupaczuk and Di Nenno, giving them an important psychological advantage before the Master Final of the World Padel Tour in Barcelona next week and for the year 2024.

MILANO ITALY SEPTEMBER 09 Milano Premier Padel 2023 at Allianz Cloud on December 09 2023 in Milano Italy Photo by Silvestre SzpylmaPremier Padel

15th final for Stupaczuk and Di Nenno

In search of an eighth title tomorrow against Lebron/Galan, these two pairs dominate the end of the season and promise a very competitive final!

What mental strength and what level of play to beat the number 1s! Perfect work and a clear strategy were needed to break their dominance. “I feel very good, thank you to the public. We give everything on every ball with Martin. We thank everyone who supports us, in difficult times as well as in victories. We did not have the opportunity to face Coello and Tapia in Mexico, so we were very motivated for this semi-final,” responds Franco Stupaczuk, with humility, after their great victory.

" It's incredible. Franco was the best player on the pitch and I supported him. He supported me throughout the match, we are a real team. Thank you all, and see you tomorrow against Galan/Lebron,” says Martin Di Nenno.

Don’t miss the grand final tomorrow at 17 p.m. on Canal Plus Sport 360!”

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